Block Relay

AO: Smart Park
Date: 03.01.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Cornelius, Packer, Ditka, Wiggles

PAX perform exercise for that round without the block. Meanwhile, one PAX runs down to grab a block and brings it back to the start. Then they perform the block version of that exercise and so on with other PAX until everyone is back.

Once all blocks are back, the last PAX to must do 10 reps to complete the round. The starting PAX must also kick off the round with 10 reps of the non-block exercise.

Round 1 – Squats/Block Squats
Round 2 – Merkins/Block Decline Merkins
Round 3 – Flutter Kicks/Block Flutter Kicks
Round 4 – Burpees/Blockees

Roasted pig – 20 reps of 6 ab exercises, flip over for 10 merkins in between each.

Burpee ring – jog in place, each PAX calls down for the next burpee until end of workout.



AO – Helmsdeep

Q – Tails

PAX – Tails


Warmish, clearish, windy!


Spent my time on the hill. Hill sprints and bear crawls. Arm circles, and overhead claps in between. Got a little creeped out by a car that was driving around the lot with it’s lights off. Shortly after they left, a cop showed up and hung out for awhile.


Quick TAP. Photo. And namerama!

Tabata Insanity

Date: 02-27-2021

TIme: 0530

AO: DeHavilland

Pax: Faucet, Swobbles, Crockett (Rucking); Phone Home (Rucking), Zebra (LIFO); Ditka (VLIFO).

Q: Wilson

Warm Up

20 Reps IC


Pickin’ Taters


Imperial Walkers

Mosey to shelter for….

The Thang – Tabata Insanity

Tabata time 20 seconds exercise, 10 second rest, eight cycles) with 10 count between each exercise.

  • Incline Merkins

  • Air squats

  • Leg lifts

  • Dips

We started a combo of Declined Merkins and Diamond Merkins. But YHC was unable to perform, so we terminated that. F3 protocol: “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it!” So we did some Monkey Stretches before continuing with:

  • Step lunge

  • LBCs

  • Freddy Mercury’s

  • Jump Squats

Slowsy back to the Flag.






AO: Smart Park
Date: 02-25-2021
Time: 0530
Q: Armstrong
PAX: Cornelius, Meatball, Kiddie Pool, Ditka

WARMARAMA: Shoulders and Neck stretches, 15 Windmills IC

THE THANG: Quick paced ruck to Kroger Hill to work on the steep grassy hill and the incline up the 741 stop light. Half of PAX carry a Coupon or Sandbag for extra weight to trade with other PAX as needed throughout the workout…

15 Ruck Curls at base IC

Heavy lap up to stop light

15 Ruck Rows at base IC

Heavy lap up grassy hill

15 Big Boy Crunches at base IC

Heavy lap up to stop light

15 Ruck Squats IC

Heavy lap up grassy hill

Heavy Ruck back to the garage

Count off | NameOrama | COT | Picture

Super 21 Sprints


Ao: Falcon Hill

Q: Goldstar

Pax: cobra, frank the tank, Zulu, swobbles, Burt Macklin FBI, Crockett

Warm up stretches OYO

Burt Macklin showed up late so we warmed up with 20 penalty burpees.

The thang:

Head over to the side of the school. Starting at the first pole, we started our super 21. First pole was one merkin, one big boy sit up then sprinting to the next pole. At each pole we increase by one merkin, one big boy sit up until to 21.

We did this until we were back to the flag.





First Wiggles Wednesday of 2021

AO: Smart Park
Date: 2/24/21
Time: 5:30
Q: Wiggles
PAX: Swobbles, Floater, Armstrong, Cornelius, KiddiePool, MeatballWarm up:
Stretch OYO
SSH IC x 25
Mountain Climbers IC x 25
Run down and back of parking lotThe Workout
Round 1
25 Squats IC ( hold on down for 3 seconds)
25 Merkins IC ( hold on down for 3 seconds)
30 second block hold above head
60 second plank
Run the length of the parking lot
60 second wall sitRound 2
Same thing except held down position on squat for 5 secondsRound 3
Same thing as round 1 but had a wall sit competition at the end and KiddiePool took the victoryCOT

23 Feb 2021 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 23 Feb 2021AO: Falcon Hill (Kettering Middle School)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Swobbles

CONDITIONS: low 40’s, light wind, (surprisingly dry)

WARM-O-RAMA: windmills IC, imperial walkers IC, slowsy to block shed


  • Round 1: Block exercise w/ 60s plank after each
  • 20x block curl, 20x block press, 20x block swing, 20x bent row
  • Round 2: 10x pullup (idle PAX perform merkins), repeat, repeat (3x total times)
  • Round 3: repeat Round 1
  • Slows my to flag; cooldown stretches


Pearls On A String – Ruck Edition

Date: 02-22-2021

Time: 0530

AO: Helms Deep

Pax: Cobra, Tails (LIFO)

Q: Wilson

Warm Up – 20 Reps IC

  • SSH

  • Pickin’ Taters

  • Windmills

  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang: Pearls on a String – Ruck Edition

Parking lot and trail a bit hazardous with only occasional spots clear of ice, but sufficient for:

  • Merkins X 15

  • Squats X 20

  • Merkins X 15

Back in the parking lot we finished off with some club bell shoulder work:

  • Big Circles Forward/Backward

  • Round the world Right/Left

  • Club Mills Forward/Backwards

  • Squats with Club Bell



DeHavilland 2/20/21

DeHavilland 2/20/2021

Q- Faucet

Pax- Wilson, Swobbles, Cornelius

Warm up exercises

Side Straddle hops X 20

Tater pickers X 20

Leg lifts X 20

American hammers X 20

The Thang

Broke up into teams of 2, filled 5 gallon bucket with snow, mosey to hill.

Dora 1,2,3. One partner climb hill with bucket, other do exercises, then trade.

100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats as a team.

Mosey around pond, alternating different exercises.




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