4 Year Anniversary – Passing the Torch

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022
AO: #ao-dehavilland
PAX: @Jonny 5 @Busboy @Flipper @optimus @CheeseBall – Indianapolis @Sucker Punch @FNG (Punch List) @BoneDaddy @Fence Post @Meatball @FNG (Beep Beep) @Wilson @Jazz Hands @Jiffy @Daisy @hooch @Todd Hagemeier (Tulip) @flinstone @Whoopee @Who’s There Calvin @Tinkle @snooki @Armstrong @pontoon 19 @Crockett @Packer @Faucet @Court Marshal @Cornelius @mushu @Tails
FNGs: 3
Q: @Swobbles @Ditka
Total: 35
Conditions: Chilly with clear skies

SSH x 25 IC
Merkins x 25 IC
Flutter kicks x 25 IC
Mountain climbers x 15 IC
Burpees x 10 IC

The Thang:
PAX split up into 4 teams
– Teams had 1 minute to select a leader, grab a coupon, and get to the other side of the field. One man must lead each team, Swobbles shares how the exercises go and team leaders have 2 mins to explain and get their team ready.
– 10 burpees IC, one man murder bunnies the block 5 paces, the rest of the team bear crawls to that spot.
– Repeat until you get to the flags and back to cones.
– Pick up the six!

– Run 30 sec
– LBC 30 sec
– Merkins 30 sec
– Bear crawls 30 sec
– Freddy Mercury 30 sec
– Overhead seal claps 30 sec

Tower build
– Build the highest tower with block
– Create two teams each with block
– Circle of pain while building
– Reps to how many men in attendance
– Burpees
– Imperial walkers
– Shoulder taps
– Leg lifts
– Squats
– Army crawl in circle
– Crab toe touch
– You can only add your block, no readjust of other blocks

Mumblechatter: PAX cursed Swobbles for his workout, but then begged for him back during Ditka’s.
Qpoint – Shield Lock
Name FNGs – welcome Beep Beep and Punch List!
Pass the flag – Ditka is now Nant’an!

25 January, 2022 17:32

Backblast: The Post
Date: Tuesday, 1/25/22
AO: #ao-falconhill
PAX: @Fence Post
FNGs: 0
Q: @Meatball
Total: 2

Conditions: Vanilla 🥶

Warmup: Stretch like you were in the car all day

Thang: Walked outskirts of track trying not to die. Myriad of stretching, squats, lunges, and a plethora of 2nd F. No burpees were found. We looked…really hard.

Cool down: NOT NEEDED – things were already cooled down


Mumblechatter: civil war updates, holding onto bars whilst completing merkins on icy sidewalks is a good

Busboy School Day Routine

Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2022
AO: #ao-smartpark
PAX: @Cornelius @Ditka @SkyWalker @Busboy
FNGs: 0
Q: @Meatball
Total: 5
Conditions: 30’s & Mingling
– Do your thing whilst I talk about our Thang

The Thang:
– [ ] Woke up late- 100 LBC’s
– [ ] Jump out of bed- 25 Burpees
– [ ] Run to bathroom- Mosey to bathroom
– [ ] Jump over the dog- 50 Jump Squats
– [ ] Brush my teeth- 50 SSH
– [ ] Forgot to dress- Mosey to Bedroom
– [ ] Jump over baby sister- 50 Jump Squats
– [ ] Fly down the stairs- Mosey around stairs. * Cornelius had us bear crawl up/down stairs **Coach only made us so Bernie Sanders
– [ ] Check the Freezer/Fridge- 25 Burpees
– [ ] Pack my Lunch- 50 Captain Thors
– [ ] Missed the Bus- Mosey back Home
– 100 Merkin Ring
– 25 Additional Burpees

Mumblechatter: Not much as we were gassed most of the workout. Some lungs may have been expelled during a few portions.
Announcements: @Busboy thanks us for picking on him.

1-7-22 Below Zero Ruck!

Backblast! Ruck it, it’s cold!
Date: Friday, January 7, 2022.
AO: #ao-smartpark
PAX: @Ditka @Cornelius @Who’s There @Magnolia @Packer @KiddiePool
FNGs: 0
Q: @Meatball
Total: 7
Conditions: 9* F (-4* w/wind chill)
Warm up: Stay in the car until start

The Thang:
– Ruck 2 miles with alternating carry of 35# bag

Mumble Chatter- To cold to remember; report of man 5’10” – 6’, blue jacket, running near Orange Theory with his hands in his pants

Intense intervals of insanity 10/4/21

Intense intervals of insanity 10/4/21

AO: Smart Park

CONDITIONS: mid 60s breezy

PAX: Swobbles, Wiggles, Ditka, Packer, Who’s there, Cornelius (q)

WARM UP: SSs ic, windmills ic

Round 1
36 Squats
24 Merkins
12 Burpees
400 meter run
Repeat 4x

Ronund 2
10 merkins
25 yd bear crawl
25 yd sprint
25 yd hop
25 yd skip
10 squats
Repeat 3x



Convergence Dayton Ohio (Cincinnati and Columbus

F3 Convergence Dayton, F3 Cincinnati, F3 Columbus
October 2nd, 2021
AO : DeHavilland
Q SkyWalker, Q Mariah, Q Huggy
PAX: Lowell, Sucker Punch, Scrappy, Sugar Ray, Tails, Zebra, Fence Post, Nader, Crocket, Wilson, Ditka, Jiffy, Meatball, Bootleg, Fresh, Vamos, Slaw, Cheddar, Bone Daddy, Who’s There, Cobra, Cornelius, Village People, Geo, Swobbles

The Thang: Warmup side straddle hops 15, potato pickers 10, mosey to hill for Suicides and ending with five burpees until pax reach 25 mosey to monument for 30 reps of Dips, decline merkins, and step ups, 100 LBCs end of first 20min Q

Mosey to soccer field for 40 Scissor kicks in cadence, followed by five side straddle hops and two burpees increasing in multiples of two to ten and again in descending order back to two. Followed by five burpees and two double pumps and two squats, then to three then to four then to five to end the second Q

Staying at soccer field we started third session suicide style with a fifty yard sprint and back with a bear crawl to five burpees. 100yard sprint 100yd bear crawl back five burpees ending session with full suicide to the fifty and end zone

Count off
Small F2 at the end.

Schoolyard Kickball

Date/Time – Thursday September 30, 2021
AO (location) – Smart Park / Austin Landing
Q – BusBoy
PAX – Cornelius, Ditka, Meatball, Swobbles, Sucker Punch

The Thang
– Warm up: stretch where you need it, 15 side straddle hops

– Schoolyard Kickball! Each PAX took a turn kicking. Exercises were chosen by the kicker if they got a hit, and the defender if they got an out. Single = reps Double or out = 10 reps
Triple = 15 reps
Home run = 20 reps

Sucker Punch received the flag for having the biggest boot!

Count off

Iron Pax Week 4 – MaryAnne’s Mayhem

AO: Smart Park
Date: 09.29.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Wiggles, Cornelius, Ditka
The thang:

Iron Pax Week 4
MaryAnne’s Mayhem (52:30)
Set timer to 52:30 and it’s a rep based workout.
200 curls
175 squats
150 overhead press
125 kettlebell swings
100 Merkins
75 thrusters
50 Bennie blairs
25 blockees
Every 25 reps, sun 25 yards
and do 3 burpeses, then return

Wiggles – 650 reps
Cornelius – 825 reps
Ditka – 685
Swobbles – 575


Making Burgers

Date: 9/27/21
Time: 0530
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: perfect for burpees 57F

Pax: Wiggles, Cornelius, Packer, Whose there, Skywalker, Swobbles, Ditka (Q)

Warm up: SSH, potato pickers, imperial walkers

The Thang:
Making 5 stack burgers
5 exercises at specified repetition.
-gas pumps
-flutter kicks

Rounds had the following reps: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5

What does this mean???
9 rounds ending with a total of 125 reps of each!
Who doesn’t love a big juicy Burpee in the morning!


Mumble chatter:
convergence this weekend so sign up. Iron Pax has just one more event this week. Wiggles will be posting some 3rd F opportunities on Slack.


AO – Dehaviland

Q – Tails

PAX – Fence Post, Wilson, Ditka, Broady, Faucet, Kiddy Pool, Jiffy.


  • Perfect day! Cool air! Clouds and wind!

Q-source moment by Wilson

  • Today’s topic was the DRP (Daily Red Pill)


  • Jumped right in with the Death March!

:Standing on the lines of parking spaces, the PAX executed a number of block squats in conjunction with the number of lines they had accumulated. In between each set of squats, the PAX would run to the end of the lot (25 lines in total) and back to the next line in the March. At line 15 on the block would come with the PAX. At line 20 and on, the run switched to a bear crawl.

:Every 3 minutes during this time, an alarm would sound and 5 burpees would be executed. This became 5 block burpees after line 15.


Quick TAP. Photo. And namerama!