11 June 2019 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 11 Jun 2019
AO: Falcon Hill (Kettering Middle School)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Goldstar, Anthill, Swobbles

Conditions: mid-50’s (brisk) and moist

Warmup: preztel, hurdler, quads (kidneys), hamstrings, bad boys, these guys

The Thang: Block Mile

  • Mosey to blocks
  • Repeat 4x: Trot/jog 400m with block, 20 block curls, 20 block situps
  • 10 man makers
  • 400m jog
  • 20 merkins
  • 500m jog
  • 50m sprint to the flag


June 10, 2019

Hills and Burpees (aka #MerlotMonday)

DATE: June 10, 2019

AO: Higgins (Tom Cloud Park – Huber Heights, OH)

Q: Zebra

PAX: Wilson (aka Thug Life), Tails, Goldstar

I pulled into the Higgins’ lot hot and right on time, fortunately making nearly every light on Woodman! After F3 mission statement we did a short COP:

Side Staddle Hops IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Zebra Butt-Kicks OYO x 10/leg

Then we moved on to…

The Thang:

We moseyed over to the bottom of the hill leading to the upper half of Higgins. We performed 1 Burpee at bottom of hill, ran up hill, performed 2 Burpees, ran down the hill, performed 3 Burpees and so on and so forth until we reached 10 Burpees at the top of the hill. After short recovery, we worked our way back down starting with 9 Burpees at bottom of hill. Then we performed 1 extra Burpee for good measure. After all was said and done, we completed 9 runs up and down the hill and 101 Burpees!

Moseyed back to shovel flags and finished up with CoT! Be Like a Shark, it’s Monday!

Choose your own adventure

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 6.6.19

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles


Stretch on your own

Warm up:

Merkin/mountain climber exercise

The thang:

Pearls on a string/choose your own adventure

Jog track, each HIM picks an exercise when we stop

Squats x 20

Carolina dry docks x 30

Pickle pointers x 30

Sit ups x 30

Dying cockroaches x 20 each leg

Yurpees x 15

Mosey back to start

Alternating lunge 30 ft

Sprint to light pole

20 jumping lunges (stationary)

Alternating lunge 60 ft

Block party

Block swings x 15

Squat thrusters x 10

Block curls x 15

Man makers x 10

Jog back to start

Stretching/newly coined “street yoga”



PAX: Goldstar, Whisper, Whipper, Burt Macklin FBI, Cobra, Swobbles

Buddy fireman carries

AO Falcon Hill
Q: Burt Macklin FBI
Paz: Tails, Goldstar, Swobbles, Cobra , Zebra, Whipper, FNG
1 lap
10 Merkins, 10 Sit ups, 5 burpees
Repeat and add 10,10,5 reps to each; 30,30,15 reps max
Buddy team fire man carries, 1 lap
Name o Rama 

The Week Started The Right Way

Date: 6-3-2019
Time: 0530
AO: Higgins
Pax: Goldstar, Cobra, Tails, Whisper, Koopa
QIC: Wilson

Warm up:
Imperial Walkers IC X 20
Cotton Pickers IC X 20
Windmills IC X 20

The Thang:

Mosey to the dip bars. Six positions on or around the bars for 2 sets of 10

  • Leg ups
  • Squats
  • Inclined pull ups
  • Dips
  • Inclined merkins
  • Merkins

Mosey to the 1/2 mile mark for 10 reps of

  • LBCs
  • Freddy Mercurys

Mosey around the park and end at the parallel bars for another set of the above.

Mosey to the parking lot.

We had time for a round of F3 craps which included Jump Squats, Merkins, Freddy Mecurys, and a new exercise introduced by new Pax Koopa (Petty Officer, USN) called “Ten Count”. It’s not our normal ten count is. We’ll see that one again.




Wilson’s Birthday Bash

Date: 6-1-2019
Time: 0700
AO: DeHavilland
Pax: Faucet, Elroy, Koolaid, Bone Daddy, Tails, Whisper
Q: Wilson

As Wilson hits the 66 mile marker this week, reps and set are designed to hit that count.

Warm up

  • SSH IC X 11
  • Imperial Walkers IC X 11
  • Cotton Pickers IC X 11
  • Windmills IC X 11
  • LBCs IC X 11
  • Freddy Mercurys IC X 11

= 66 reps

The Thang:

6 sets of 11 reps of Burpees

Between sets we would use the soccer field with markers set at 66 paces for
bear crawls/crab walks
power hops
backwards run
high knees/butt kickers



Monster Sprints

AO Falcon Hill
Q: Burt Macklin FBI
Pax : Swobbles, Zebra, Brush Fire , Pavoratti, Slip and Slide (F3 KC)
Mosey 1 lap
Monster sprints:
10 merkins, Sprint 40m, 10 merkins, Sprint 40m, suicide Sprint, 10 merkins, sprint down /lunge back.
Repeat 10 sit ups / bear crawls
Repeat 10 squats / inch worms
Repeat 5 burpees/ broad jumps
Cool down 1 lap
Name o Rama