AO – Falconhill

Q – Tails

PAX – Fence Post, Burt Macklin, Cobra, Swobbles, Zulu, Jiffy, Pavarotti


  • Beautiful cool morning! Clear sky’s and wet grass!


  • Hit em with a 5 minute static stretch. Those of us without blocks ran to the shed, grabbed blocks and rendezvoused with the others at the base of the hill.
  • We preformed the following: stacking block burpies from 1 at the bottom 2 at the top 3 at the bottom and so on up to 10. We harambed or did murder bunnies up the hill. Picked up the 6 at the top and bottom with places or say anything.
  • Last set we preformed 30 SSH in cadence. Did another 30 at the end.
  • Hard work done by all!


Quick TAP. Photo. And namerama!

F3 Dayton VQ


Smart Park – Austin Landing

Q – McDreamy

PAX – Swobbles, Ditka, 9Volt, Wiggles, Meatball

Workout – McDreamy Circuit

  • M: Mountain climbers (60 seconds)
  • C: Calf raises (60 seconds)
  • D: Donkey Kicks (60 seconds)
  • E: Elephant swings (60 seconds)
  • A: American Hammers (60 seconds)
  • M: Merkins (20 count)
  • Y: YT’s (20 count Y, 20 count T)
  • Lap around parking lot
  • Repeat

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AO: Smart Park
Date: 07.20.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Who’s There, 9-Volt, McDreamy
The thang: Warmup/Ruck
PAX did a few dynamic stretches followed by:
Squats x 20 IC
SSH x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO
Then we went on a ruck around the AO for the remainder of the time.

20 x 5

Date: 7/19/2021
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 64 F, 90% humidity
PAX: Sucker Punch, Rabbit Trail, Whose There, 9 Volt, Swobbles, Wiggles, McDreamy, Ditka (q)

Warm up:
SSH, Windmills, imperial walkers

The Thang:
20 reps of exercise than run 100m. Complete cycle 5 times (100 reps total) Merkins
Leg lifts

PAX broke up the 100m run with sprints, karaoke, Bernie Sanders and dabbled with some bear crawls.

Finished with a 100 burpee circle in 3 mins as a team. It was like a tsunami. Everyone loved it, probably.


Mumble Chatter:
-McDreamy proved he didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Just a little Merlot splash. -Wiggles could probably qualify for the Olympics sprint team.


AO: DeHaviland
Date: 07-17-2021
Time: 0700
PAX: Zebra, Wilson, Swobbles, Jiffy, Johnny-Five(Welcome!), Ditka, Faucet, Crockett, Armstrong(q)


One minute Q Lesson from Site Lead Wilson while holding a Plank

1-handed plank, 30 secs per side.

2-handed plank, 60 secs


-Fire Hydrants


-Sets of Block Flutter-Kicks

-Block Side Bends

-Block Rows

-Block Curls


Hike w/ 4 Blocks hung from 2×4’s, plus two 60# sandbags. Circulate and spell a brother as needed. Arrive at Pull-up station. Sprint between Pull-up station & Picnic shelter. Perform exercises at each:

-Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups

-One Dozen inclined Merkins

-5 Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups

-One Dozen Tricep Dips

-5 Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups

-Two Dozen sets of Step-Ups

-5 Leg Lifts or Hanging Crunches

-5 Burpees, plus one dozen Tail Feather Squats (Tx Ditka, add it to the Exicon!)

5 Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups

-Gather coupons and hike back to the Flag


Count off | NameOrama | COT | Picture

Prime Beatdown

Date: July 16th 2021
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 72 degrees with humidity 95-100%
Pax: Cornelius, Jazz Hands, Whose There, Skywalker, Ditka (q)

Warm up:
SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walker

The Thang:
5 Stations set up throughout Smart Park each with a prime number to which that is the rep (1,3,7,11,13)
Perform the exercise at each station then run to the next station. Pick up the six. Exercises:
Big boy sit-ups
Flutter kicks


Mumble chatter:
-Jazz Hand brought his coupon, all paid 5 burpees
-rain can be stopped with burpees
-Cornelius likes to watch clouds and daydream while doing flutter kicks -batwings are waterproof

Barricades 7/14/21

Just a Ruck 6/24/21

Date: 7/14/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: McDreamy, Wiggles, Ditka, Swobbles, 9 Volt, Jazz Hands, Packer, Skywalker, Who’s there, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: Nice!

The Thang:

Setting up barricades for Austin Landing. Great beatdown with service.



Ruck Maze Part I

AO: Smart Park
Date: 07.13.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Who’s There, Ditka, Cornelius
The thang: Ruck Maze Part I

PAX warmed up with various exercises: 10 merkins IC, 10 squats IC, 10 SSH IC, 10 Flutter Kicks. Then we threw on our rucks.

Ruck Maze started down in the lower level of the parking garage. PAX ran in between columns north to south, while advancing east to west after passing the last column in the row. We did this for time at the beginning and end. Ruck Maze 1: 4:15
Ruck Maze 2: 4:07 (with an extra row)
The rest of the time was a standard ruck with mumble chatter.

Mumble chatter: checked out the steel barriers we’ll be moving tomorrow to help Austin Landing set up for an event. How we could be annoying with hundreds of questions about our upcoming 2nd F event.


Burpee Maze Part I

AO: Smart Park
Date: 07.12.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Packer, Ditka, Wiggles, Who’s There, Cornelius

The thang: Burpee Maze Part I
Lower level parking garage
Column 1: 1 burpee
Column 2: 2 burpees
Column 3: 3 burpees
And so on until 6:15
We got to the 17th column for 153 total burpees.

Quick cleanup of trash in the parking garage to leave the AO better than we found it.

Lesson on Getting Right and Living Right. A man must first get right in his own life through his fitness, fellowship, and faith before helping others. It’s a constant process, there is no completion. Living right is living it out before moving on to helping another man.