4 Year Anniversary – Passing the Torch

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022
AO: #ao-dehavilland
PAX: @Jonny 5 @Busboy @Flipper @optimus @CheeseBall – Indianapolis @Sucker Punch @FNG (Punch List) @BoneDaddy @Fence Post @Meatball @FNG (Beep Beep) @Wilson @Jazz Hands @Jiffy @Daisy @hooch @Todd Hagemeier (Tulip) @flinstone @Whoopee @Who’s There Calvin @Tinkle @snooki @Armstrong @pontoon 19 @Crockett @Packer @Faucet @Court Marshal @Cornelius @mushu @Tails
FNGs: 3
Q: @Swobbles @Ditka
Total: 35
Conditions: Chilly with clear skies

SSH x 25 IC
Merkins x 25 IC
Flutter kicks x 25 IC
Mountain climbers x 15 IC
Burpees x 10 IC

The Thang:
PAX split up into 4 teams
– Teams had 1 minute to select a leader, grab a coupon, and get to the other side of the field. One man must lead each team, Swobbles shares how the exercises go and team leaders have 2 mins to explain and get their team ready.
– 10 burpees IC, one man murder bunnies the block 5 paces, the rest of the team bear crawls to that spot.
– Repeat until you get to the flags and back to cones.
– Pick up the six!

– Run 30 sec
– LBC 30 sec
– Merkins 30 sec
– Bear crawls 30 sec
– Freddy Mercury 30 sec
– Overhead seal claps 30 sec

Tower build
– Build the highest tower with block
– Create two teams each with block
– Circle of pain while building
– Reps to how many men in attendance
– Burpees
– Imperial walkers
– Shoulder taps
– Leg lifts
– Squats
– Army crawl in circle
– Crab toe touch
– You can only add your block, no readjust of other blocks

Mumblechatter: PAX cursed Swobbles for his workout, but then begged for him back during Ditka’s.
Qpoint – Shield Lock
Name FNGs – welcome Beep Beep and Punch List!
Pass the flag – Ditka is now Nant’an!

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