13 August 2020 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 13 August 2020
AO: Falcon Hill (Kettering Middle School)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Goldstar, Tails

Conditions: 67, 87% Humidity

Warmup: hamstring stretch, pretzel, lower back stretch, 20x windmills IC, 20x SSH IC

The Thang: Slow Reps — Sleps

I do a lot of things slow: I eat slow, I talk slow, I think slow, I respond slow. Today, we worked out slow. The exercises were done with a metronome (in 4/4 time). In general we took 4 beats to extend the muscle(s) and 4 beats to contract. At 80 BPM, it takes 3 seconds to extend and 3 to contract; at 60 BPM it takes 4 seconds each way.

  • 80 BPM — 10x merkins, 10x air squats, 10x leg lifts, 10x lunges (5 each leg)
  • 60 BPM — 10x merkins, 10x air squats, 10x leg lifts, 10x lunges (5 each leg)
  • walk to blocks
  • 80 BPM — 10x block presses, 10x block curls, 10x spidermans, 10x skull crushers
  • 60 BPM — 10x block presses, 10x block curls, 10x spidermans, 10x block squats


Post-Derecho Workout

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 8.11.20

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Cobra, Goldstar, Jingles


Various stretches

The thang:

In the parking lot, stop at each set of spaces and perform cardio exercise (mix of side steps, cariocas, bear crawls, broad jumps) and then perform 10 of exercise at 4 total stops. 3 rounds total… first round was merkins, second round squats, third round heel touches. Mosey to track, jog lap and perform x 10 burpees for 3 total rounds.



Let’s get this week started….

Date: 08/10/2020
Time: 0530
AO: Higgins
Pax: Cobra, Dorthy Gail
Q: Wilson

Warm up


20 reps (more or less) IC

  • SSH
  • Pickin’ Taters
  • Windmills
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang – Juarez Valley 10 with a lap around the lot between sets:

  • Sit-Back Merkins/Jump Squats
  • American Hammers/Dying Cock Roaches
  • Shoulder Taps/Step Lunges

How’d you start your day? Meeting your fitness goals for the year? Come join us.





Soccer Field Fun

AO: Dehavilland

WEATHER: 64° and Sunny

DATE: 8/8/2020


ENDEX: 0800

Q: Crockett

PAX: Wilson, Faucet, Phone Home, Lawnmower Man, Calvin, Hang Ten


  • SSH AMRAP until the Q arrived w/ the slackers
  • Tater Pickers IC x20
  • Windmills IC x20
  • Wing Waggles IC x20
  • Moroccan Nightclubs IC x40
  • Imperial Walkers IC x20
  • Burpees OYO x4 (late fee)
  • Mosey to the soccer field


Exercise across the length of the field in 3 parts (1. Goal to crease, 2. Crease to crease, 3. Crease to goal). At the goal, perform a stationary exercise.  Then repeat the exercises backward to return across the field. At the second goal, perform a second stationary exercise.

Round 1

  • 1. Bear crawl
  • 2. Mosey
  • 3. Bear crawl
  • 1st Goal: LBCs x40
  • 2nd Goal: Merkins x20

Round 2

  • 1. Karaoke
  • 2. Mosey
  • 3. Karaoke (same side)
  • 1st Goal: SSH x40 (4 count)
  • 2nd Goal: Flutter kicks x20 (4 count)

Round 3

  • 1. Mosey
  • 2. Sprint
  • 3. Mosey
  • 1st Goal: LBCs x40
  • 2nd Goal: Merkins x20

Round 4

  • 1. High Knees
  • 2. Mosey
  • 3. High Knees
  • 1st Goal: Seal Claps x20 (4 count)
  • 2nd Goal: Imperial Sumos x20

Mosey around the pond and back to the flag



FNG NAMING: Welcome Hang Ten!



6 August 2020 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 6 August 2020
AO: Falcon Hill (Kettering Middle School)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Jingles, Phone Home, Crocket, Goldstar

Conditions: 59F, 86% Humidity

Warmup: stretch OYO, butterfly, hamstring stretch, lower back stretch, 10x arm circles front/back, mosey to blocks

The Thang: Super Duper Fun w/ Blocks

  • Super 21 w/ block squats and block curls
  • After the 15’s did a 400m run with blocks
  • Mosey to flag
  • Super 11, traditional flavor (merkins & big-boy situps)
  • Totals: 231 block curls, 231 block squats, 66 merkins, 66 BBS


Saturday’s Glorious Beatdown!

En route to DeHavilland for the weekly Saturday beatdown, I drove through torrential rain. Wipers on full. Slowed down due to extremely poor visibility. But F3 meets rain or dry, heat or cold. This should be FUN!!

It stopped raining…

Date: 08-01-2020

Time: 0700

AO: DeHavilland

Pax: Calvin, Crockett, Faucet, FNG (Eddie), Nader, Phone Home, Swobbles, Zebra.

Q: Wilson

The bad news: YHC, Wilson TOG (The Old Goat) wears hearing aids and one recently broke and is in the factory being refurbished, so he can hear, at best, only every other word. The good news: He’s the Q today and can usually hear what exercises he’s calling out.

Mosey to the gazebo dock.

Warm up:

  • SSH IC X 20

  • Picin’ Taters IC X18 (TOG, besides not hearing real well, can’t count real well and is dependent on hearing the Pax count out.)

  • Windmills IC X 22 (TOG is a bit fetish about keeping the reps in the workout even).

  • Imperial Walkers IC X 20

The THANG – Juarez Valley 10

Point 1 do 1 rep of the assigned exercise 1

Mosey to point 2 and do 10 reps of exercise 2
Return to point 1 and plank until all Pax have returned

Mosey back to point 1 and INCREASE rep count by 1

Mosey back to point 2 and DECREASE rep count by 1

Rinse/Repeat until rep counts are 10 and 1

Exercise sets/matchups:

  • Sit Back Merkin/Jog Jump Squat (J2S)

  • LBCs/Air squat

  • American Hammer/Carolina Dry Dock

Between sets, perform a D & B (Dun & Bradstreet/Dave & Busters/Down & Back) between point 1 and point 2 with a mobility exercise:

  • Bear Crawl

  • Monkey Walk

Mosey/Slowsy back to the flag for COT and a hearty welcome to our FNG, Eddie.

Until next time, this is…



8-1-2020 Pax – Copy.jpg


8-1-2020 Pax – Copy.jpg

20200801_081037 – Copy.mp4


20200801_081037 – Copy.mp4

3HIM getting better


AO: Falcon Hill

Q: Goldstar

Pax: Swobbles, Cobra, Goldstar

That thang:

Mosey to the field house and grab a block. Mosey back around to pick up water. Mosey to the side of the school.

Round one:

20x squat thrusters with the block. Sprint to the first pole. 20x Merkins, sprint to the second pole, 20x squats, sprint to the third pole, 20x LBC’s.

Round 2:

40x curls with the block. Sprint to the first pole. 20x Merkins, sprint to the second pole, 20x squats, sprint to the third pole, 20x LBC’s.

Round 3:

40x bent over rows with the block. This time carry your block with you. Sprint to the first pole. 20x block Merkins, sprint to the second pole, 20x block squats, sprint to the third pole, 20x Block sit ups.

Take blocks back. Complete the beat down with a round of roasted pig:

Roasted Pig x1

2 sets of Bruce Lee consisting of the following:

20 Flutter Kicks per leg

10 Merkins

20 Leg Raises

10 Merkins

20 American Hammers per side

10 Merkins

20 Dying Cockroaches per side

10 Merkins

20 Freddy Mercuries per side

10 Merkins

20 LBC’s

10 Merkins





27 July 2020 – The Higgins

DATE: 27 July 2020
AO: The Higgins (Thomas Cloud Park)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Goldstar, Wilson

Conditions: 76F, 91% Humidity

Warmup: calf stretch, butterfly, lower back stretch, 20x windmills IC

The Thang:

  • Mosey, PAX take turns counting down from 20, PAX do 5 burpees
  • 10x pullups
  • 2x 30m decline bear crawl and 30m incline broad jump
  • Mosey around the parking lot, 5 burpees at every corner
  • Totals: >1mi mosey’d, 130 burpees


COP Round Robin

DATE: 7/25/20

AO: Dehavilland


ENDEX: 0800

WEATHER: Sunny and 69°

Q: Crockett

PAX: Calvin, Phone Home, Lawnmower Man, Faucet, Wilson


  • Sun Gods IC x20 (10 forward, 10 backward)
  • Tater Pickers IC x10
  • Windmills IC x10
  • SSH IC x10
  • Moroccan Nightclubs IC x50
  • Mosey to the hill


Round-robin style circle of pain. PAX picks an exercise, everyone does exercise x(some multiple of 12), next PAX repeats, etc. (Stop, drop, and burpee everytime an IR PAX slowsies by)

  • Mercans IC x12
  • Mountain Climbers IC x12 (each side)
  • Imperial Walkers IC x12 (each side)
  • LBCs OYO x24
  • Wing Waggles IC x12 (each side)
  • Cross-body Mountain Climbers IC x12 (each side)
  • Squats IC x12
  • Break dancers IC x12
  • 5-sec Leglifts IC x12
  • Burpees OYO x12
  • 24-sec Swan Dive
  • Hollow Body Rockers IC x12
  • Mosey to next corner of pond
  • Narrow Merkins IC x12
  • Dying Cockroaches IC x12 (each side)
  • Squats IC x12
  • Imperial Sumos IC x12 (each side)
  • Mosey back to the flag

End it with a 10-count Bat Wing


Naming FNG: Lawnmower Man




Falcon Hill – 7.23.20

AO: Falcon Hill

Date: 7.23.20

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: Goldstar, Wilson, Cobra, Crockett, Burt Macklin FBI

The thang:

Mosey to blocks

Perform block exercise x 15 IC

Run to light post

Perform block exercise x 15 IC

Run back to start

Perform block exercise x 15 IC

Exercises: block merkins, block squats, block curls, block presses, block rows

Take blocks back and mosey back to start

Finish with Navy Seal Burpees x 10 IC