September 18, 2021 – DeHavilland

Zebra 3rd Annual 47th Birthday Special – Dealer’s Choice

DATE: September 18, 2021

AO: DeHavilland (Delco Park – Kettering, OH)

Q: Zebra

PAX: Wilson, Faucet, Ditka, Jiffy

Cuatro Hombres met me this pleasant morning. Looking back on my bday beatdown last year it was quite chilly contrasting with the warm weather today. Have to love the inconsistency of OH weather! The theme was 47 for Q’s birthday celebration – all exercises completed in sets of 47ish. We moseyed over to the dock for a little COP: SSHs x 47 IC, Zebra Butt-Kicks x 20/leg IC, 7 Merkins OYO.

The Thang:

We counted off for some Beatdown delegation purposes. We moseyed around the bike path and took turns calling out exercises at various checkpoints. The PAX chose different exercises to be performed by the PAX calling cadence for 47 reps. Exercises included Squats (Thanks, Ditka, Mountain Climbers (Thanks Faucet, Leg Lifts (Thanks, Wilson) and American Hammers, like Russian Hammers only better (Thanks, Jiffy). At least I think I got all those right with correct credit. That brought us to the pull-up bars. Oh yeah! Here we did Q choice, you guessed it, Pull-Ups 1 set of 4 and 1 set of 7. We finished with 47 Incline Merkins and 47 Decline Merkins OYO.


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