Block buster 9/20/21

Date: 9/20/21
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 70 and clear
PAX: Cornelius, Swobbles, Packer, Ditka (Q)

The Thang:
Throw coupons for distance. Right hand throw, left hand throw, underhand, overhand, suplex. Had to stop secondary to lack of coupon integrity. 4 of the 5 blocks were destroyed as Swobbles had no mercy.

Plan B….team calisthenics, no coupons needed.
-100 burpees as a team
-50 flutter kicks
-100 merkins as a team
-50 gas pumps
-100 deep squats as a team
-50 mountain climbers
-100 merkins as a team


Mumble chatter: who gets the residue F3 coupons? Check your porch if you haven’t been to a beatdown recently.

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