Blockapooloza at Falcon Hill

Date: 09-16-2021

AO: Falcon Hill

Time: 0530

Weather: 61 degrees and dry

PAX: Cobra, Jiffy(q)


  1. Arms Stretches

  2. Leg Stretches

  3. Mozey to the Hill

THE THANG: Blockapooloza

Start at the bottom of the hill and do ten reps – Harambe to the top and do ten reps. Rinse and repeat until sweaty – then do some more.

  1. Manmakers

  2. Block Squats

  3. Block Press

  4. Lunges

  5. Burpees

  6. Pickler

  7. Killer Cobras

Finished off with a quick mozey around the track

Count off | Video | COT | Picture

Mumble Chatter

Random jogger ran up the hill on us and then POOF – he was gone before we could say F3DAYTON!

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