Point A to Point B

AO: Smart Park
Date: 09.01.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Warmup (led by Busboy):
SSH x 20 IC
Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
Butt kickers x 20 IC

The Thang:
Mosey to the grassy area in between shops. Perform exercise on each end of the grass. Start with 1 rep of each, increase each time back and forth up to 10.

Round 1
Point A: Burpee
Point B: Block clean and press

Round 2
Point A: Burpee
Point B: Block Squat

5 Spider-Man Yurpees (shout out to another region I saw doing these).

End with block exercises in a circle. Each PAX chooses as we go around in a circle.

Block press out x 10 IC
Figure 8’s x 10 OYO
Step ups x 10 IC
Block jump overs x 10 IC
Big boy block sit ups x 20 IC

Blockee circle for the final minute (ended at 26 reps).


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