Top Gun & Sugar Cookies!

Time to play in the sand! It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating. And it gets everywhere… oh hi, Skywalker!

  • DATE: 08/14/2021
  • TIMEX: 0700-0800
  • AO: Dehavilland
  • WEATHER: 69°F and Nice
  • Q: Crockett
  • PAX: Skywalker, Jiffy, Ditka, Fence Post, Wilson, Flip-flop, Swobbles


  • Plank up for a minute of Q Source w/Wilson
  • Tater Pickers IC x10
  • Windmills IC x10
  • SSH IC x10
  • Mosey to the volleyball courts (two volunteers carry 60# sandbags)

The Thang

PAX line up along the court (in the sand). Pax take turns farmer carrying both sandbags across two courts and back. PAX AMRAP the exercise anytime they’re not carrying the bags.

  • ROUND 1: Merkins
  • ROUND 2: LBCs
  • ROUND 3: Hummingbirds
  • ROUND 4: Squats
  • ROUND 5: Flutterkicks
  • ROUND 6: Calf Raises
  • Mosey back to Flag (two new volunteers to carry the sandbags back)
  • Crockett Special: BatWings IC x20


Ditka needs butt support when he does Squats. Some Pax get jealous if you hold the heavy things longer than them. The goose residue is in full effect at Delco Park. T-Claps to Flip-flop! He represented 2.0s in a big way today. He’s not in the picture because he was splashing Welch’s (not old enough for merlot yet), but he definitely held his own and made it to the finish line. He exemplified the no-quit HIM attitude this morning and we couldn’t be prouder.


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