King of the Hill

Date: 08-12-2021

AO: Falcon Hill

Time: 0530

PAX: Swobbles, Burt Macklin FBI, Crockett, Zulu, Frank the Tank, Jiffy(q)


  1. Stretch Arms

  2. Stretch Legs

  3. Side Straddle Hops in Cadence x10

  4. Imperial Walkers in Cadence x10

  5. LBC in Cadence x10

  6. Flutter Kicks in Cadence x10

  7. Merkins in Cadence x10

Mozey over and get Blocks as a group – mozey over to hill

THE THANG: King of the Hill

Point A (bottom of the hill): 10 reps of Block Squats;

Harambe up the Hill with block to Point B (top of the hill); 1 rep of Burpees;

Move back to Point A and decrease reps by 1;

Move back to Point B and increase reps by 1;

Rinse/Repeat until rep counts are reversed (1 and 10).

Count off | Video | COT | Picture

Mumble Chatter

  • Jiffy only screwed up counting twice. Wait, no, it was only once. Well, I guess now it’s twice.

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