Two Qs for the price of one!!

AO: De Havilland

Date: 08-07-2021

Time: 0700

Pax: Crockett, Ditka, Faucet, Jazz Hands, Johnny 5, Swobbles

Q: Jiffy & Wilson (Two Qs for the price of one!!)

Q Minute: Foundation Points – Disruption – Language – Group: Team/Lizard

This week’s topic – LDP (Leadership Development Process: The process employed to develop new leaders includes Schooling, Apprenticeship, Opportunity, Failure

Mission: To Plant, Grow and Serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of community leadership.

Core Principles: Free – Open to all men – Held Outdoors, rain or dry, hot or cold – Peer led – Ends in COT

By participating in an F3 workout, an individual assumes the risks inherent in doing so. The things we do are dirty, dangerous, and difficult.

Warm up exercises X 20 reps


J: Imperial Walkers

W: Pickin’ Taters

J: Squats

The Thang: The Thang: Juarez Valley 10

Point A (along a curb): 10 reps of exercise 1;

Move to Point B (opposite curb); 1 rep of exercise 2;

Move back to Point A and decrease reps by 1;

Move back to Point B and increase reps by 1;

Rinse/Repeat until rep counts are reversed (1 and 10).

When returning to Point A; everyone Planks Up until the 6 (last person) arrives. This keeps us together.

In a “pure” JV, designed in a prison cell, moving from A to B is simply walking, about 8 feet. We have a bit more room and can mix up the movement: Bear Crawls, Monkey Walks, High Knees, Sprint, Crab Walk, or simply walking.

Round 1

Shoulder Taps/American Hammer

Karaoke run there, Bear Crawl back

Round 2

Merkins/Calf Raises

Bear Crawl there, Karaoke run back

Round 3

Diamond Merkins/LBCs

High Skip there/Jog backwards back

Round 4 (Modify to 1 and 5 reps)

Squats/Flutter Kicks

Choose how you want to move from A to B and back

COT – a moment of silence





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