Pushing the coupons

Date: 8/5/2021
AO: Falcon Hill
Conditions: 290.4 kelvins, beautiful
Pax: Goldstar, Ditka (q)

Warm up: arms on your own

The Thang:
Throw the coupon over a 23 meter distance. At the end of the 23 m, 10 merkins every time. -use right arm
-use left arm
– use both arms
-squat with coupon, throw with right
-squat with coupon, throw with left
-squat with coupon, both arms
-murder bunnies
-merkin then right arm
-merkin then left arm
-merkin then both arms
-kettle swing

Close out with 10 burpees


Mumble chatter:
What is the best recovery food? Real Coke and a Snickers?

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