Oh my legs

Date: 8/2/2021
AO: Smart Park Conditions: 55 F, cool
Pax: Wiggles, Cornelius, Rabbit Trail, KiddiePool, Packer, Ditka (q)

Warm up: SSH, Windmills, imperial walkers, 200m run

The Thang:
-The Motivator (new exercise)
-Roxanne by the Police (merkins and leg thrust)
-10 flutter kicks, 10 Superman, 6 sets
-Bear crawl 15m then complete 20 reps of exercise. (Merkins, squats, LBC, heels to heaven, big boy sit ups)
-Forward lunge 15m, backwards lunges 15m, 4 sets
-Wall squat Indian run, 75m
-100 burpees as a team in the last 2 mins


Mumble chatter- McDreamy had to leave early for a driving test or something. Good luck!

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