Independence Day CSAUP 2021

Date: 7/3/2021
AO: DeHavilland
Conditions: 70, perfect day
PAX: Cornelius, Packer, 9 Volt, Faucet, Jiffy, Phone Home, Calvin, Crockett, McDreamy, Meatball, Fireball, Wilson (q), Rubber(fng), Ditka (q), Swobbles (q), Spin-out (guest from Chicago)

Warm up: SSH, Windmills

The Thang:
Break up into 2 man teams completing 100 reps of the following exercises

-SSH (10 – 2 Count)
-Air Squats
-High Knees
-Plank Jacks
-American Hammer
-Mt. Climbers

Mosey to Pull up bar performing Moroccan Night Clubs en route.

-step ups
-pull ups
-scissor kicks
-overhead claps
-shoulder taps

-All Pax Mosey to the flag

-From Flag, Bear Crawl to marker (50 yards) and back

-Each Pax performs 38 Burpees each (76 total)

-Q point comments from Wilson about Independence Day

Video/photo COT

Mumble chatter- might have to add life jackets and compasses to the required safety gear. Thankful we pick up the six!

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