F3 Backblaast 6.19.2021

Date: 06-19-2021
Time: 0700
AO: De Havilland
Pax: Crockett, Phone Home, Wilson
Q: Fence Post

Just how wet was it? Well, two individual guys stopped their vehicles to announce, “YOU GUYS ARE NUTS!!!”

But they were there for a fishing tournament, so…

Warm up:

Various Stretches

The Thang
The T3 Workout – Toss, Tote and Tuck

  • Toss
    • Using four medicine balls (2#, 4#, 4# and 10#), Toss it backward over head, rotate to the next ball.
    • Rinse/Repeat
  • Tote – Containers of 25# of water
    • Deadlifts
    • 30 yards of
      • Farmer’s Carry – Right
      • Farmer’s Carry – Left
      • Farmer’s Carry – Both with Spaced Deadlifts
  • Mosey/Slowsey to the pull up bar
  • Tuck
    • Standing under the pull up bar, palms facing each other, grab the bar. Pull up until the upper arms are parallel to the ground. Lift the knees to the elbows for a Tuck. 10 Reps
    • Plank
  • Mosey/Slowsey to the Flag

Cool down stretches


The good news regarding all the rain is that it kept us from knowing just how much we were sweating.


Fence Post

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