Class is in Session

AO: Smart Park

Date: 06.18.21

Time: 0530

Q: Swobbles

Pax: 9-Volt, Packer, Ditka, Cornelius, Rabbit Trail

Class is in Session Q

Swobbles leads SSH x 15 IC

Plank up:

Why do we perform exercise in cadence?

  1. It gives you confidence to lead the PAX and a chance to demonstrate it.
  2. It helps to keep PAX coordinated and moving quickly.
  3. Helps the Q regulate breathing.
  4. It helps us know that we are in rhythm. Whether it’s actually dark or we are in a dark time in life, we know our brothers are walking in cadence with us.

Swobbles teaches a new PAX x 15 IC

New PAX teaches another new PAX x 15 IC

PAX take turns leading cadence:

Rotate through Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks x 15 IC. Take a lap. (Reduced laps/reps for time purposes to give all PAX a chance).

Plank up: lesson on Q source from this week (2.3 – Missionality)

  • It’s good to work in your High Impact Zone (contrary to forcing yourself out of your comfort zone)
  • Your mission defines that zone and is action taken for an articulated purpose. That action is formed by a man’s Dolphin and Daffodil.
  • Dolphin is a man’s unique gift. The thing he does best.
  • Daffodil is the people a man is meant to serve.
  • Referred to as a D2X, that’s the sweet spot.
  • Straying from your D2X has repercussions: disappoints the asker, denies service to your own daffodil, boxes out the right HIM, it’s joyless.
  • Stay on mission.

Finished up with 2 mins of burpees and 3 mins for the June challenge. PAX averaged 57 mountain climbers!


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