Fire in your belly

Date 6/2/2021 AO- Smart Park
Conditions: 60 F, moist cement
PAX- Cornelius, Packer, Whose There, Swobbles, Ditka (Q)

Warm up: 3 minutes of merkins. 307 Merkins from the team, average 61 per PAX.

The Thang:
300 flutter kicks, 4 count
200 crunches
100 leg lifts
50 Freddie Mercurys, 4 count
25 heal touch, 4 count
10 Superman, 4 count
5 big boy sit-ups
1 burpee

But wait there was more time….
20 more flutter kicks, crunches, leg lifts, Freddie Mercury and 5 burpees.

COT, video, photo

These men have the fire in their belly to take on any challenge!

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