Burpees. Fiesta. Forever. 4/23/21

Date: 4/23/21

AO: Smart park

Pax: Armstrong , Who’s there?, Swobbles, Ditka, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: 35 fiesta like

Warm up: 25 SSH

The Thang:

All exercises performed with “all night long” by Lionel Ritchie blaring on repeat the entire time. FIESTA FOREVER!

Part 1.

1 pax in the fiesta steering and braking. The rest push the fiesta across the smart park lot. Do 10 burpees. Switch drivers and repeat till all pax have driven.

Part 2.

All pax in the fiesta with 1 pushing the car across the smart park lot. Do 10 burpees. Repeat until all have pax have pushed the car.

Part 3.

2 pax Bernie sanders push the car half way across lot. Switch pax. 10 burpees when at the end of the lot. Repeat until all pax have pushed.

Part 4.

Push the fiesta around the lot to the pic spot.




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