Fun-and-Games Friday

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Swobbles & Ditka

Q: Packer

Condition: April Chill at 36

Warmups: 36 side-straddle-hops

20 windmills

Thang: 6 hole Frisbee Golf

Round 1

        • 1st throw to first hole
        • Run to frisbee and do 10 burpees
        • 2nd throw to first hole
        • Count paces away from hole and do that number of burpees
        • Repeat for the 6 holes

Round 2 – Same as round 1, but with Squats

Round 3 – Same as Round 1, but with Merkins

Each exercise counts were anywhere from 70 to 120 depending on frisbee skills.

Mumblechatter: Ditka is the Disc King. Swobbles got the best workout

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