Senior Dinner Special: Meatballs and Heavy Blue Balls 04-15-21

AO: North Park
Condition: Our Avg. Age is greater than the :thermometer::face_with_thermometer:
Pax: Who’s There?, Ditka, Armstrong
Q: Meatball

Thang: Arm and shoulder stretches warm up with 15# SSH. In no particular order (because memory is lapse) we accomplished:
20 Batwings
10 Batwings with mini-coupons
20 Lunges with mini-coupons
5 Merkin Ring
Medicinal Purpose Blue Ball exercises to include: shot put, volley sets, ball swings, lunge hand off, back to back hand offs, overhead toss, over the shoulder toss
Flipper Flops *20
.25 mile mosey with pull up bar

Mumblechatter: lots of great Mumblechatter but Ditka had all his teeth in and it was hard to understand him. Besides all us old people don’t do anything fun and you young guys wouldn’t understand. Somebody left to go to bed early anyways.

Count a Rama

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