We Carry our Burdens Together

Date: 4/15/21

AO: Smart park

Pax: Cornelius, Armstrong, Ditka, Who’s there? Meatball, Jazz Hands! (VQ), Kiddie Pool, Court Marshal, Fence Post

Conditions: 43 with a jazzy breeze

Warmups: Arms, shoulders, legs, neck

The Thang:

1. Grab pack and coupon

2. Block presses 10×2

3. ruck to Kroger hill with coupon

4. Block presses 10×2

5. ruck up Kroger hill with coupon and drop it

6. ruck down Kroger hill

7. ruck up and down Kroger hill

8. Bernie sanders up the hill ruck back down

9. ruck up and down Kroger hill

10. ruck up Kroger hill and grab coupon

11. Block presses 10×2

12. ruck down Kroger hill with coupon

13. Block presses 10×2

14. Ruck back to smart park with coupon

15. Block presses 10×2

16. Block jump overs 10×3

17. Berkins 10×3

18. Block jump overs 10×2



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