The little voice in your head

4/14 Smart Park Q

PAX – Swobbles, Packer, Cornelius, Ditka,

Wiggles, Floater (Q)


50 SSH

Leg Stretches

Total PAX Work

60 Hill Sprints

200 Merkins

200 Burpees

200 Lunges

1 PAX designated to lead rest of us for 5 min – only designated PAX allowed to speak. Penalty 2 burpees per word mumbled by non designated PAX.

Cornelius 200 Lunges completed toward Hill

22 Burpees for 11 words spoken by Swobbles

Wiggles mosey to Hill 200 Merkins completed

Swobbles 34 Hill Sprints

Floated 200 Burpees completed

Packer 26 Hill Sprints

Mosey back to flag

100 collective Burpees in Circle Burp formation


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