4/9/21 Double Trouble @ SmartPark

Pax: Who’s There?, Floater, Ditka, Cornelius, Jazz Hands, Swobbles, H. H. Gregg (Naperville)
Q: Meatball

Condition: Free of traffic; foggy counts

Thang: Request a number from 1 – 10 & exercise. Jazz Hands said 5, Who’s There? Said LBC’s. Merkins was Q’s choice. Ended with Lunges from H.H. Gregg and a special gift from Floater (55 SSH). Each lampost doubles the reps.

1st- 5 LBC’s
2nd- 10 LBC’s
3rd- 20 LBC’s
4th- 40 LBC’s
5th- 80 LBC’s
6th- 160 LBC’s

1st- 5 Merkins
2nd- 10 Merkins
3rd- 20 Merkins
4th- 40 Merkins
5th- 80 Merkins
6th- 160 Merkins

1st- 5 Lunges
2nd- 10 Lunges
3rd- 20 Lunges
4th- 40 Lunges
5th- 80 Lunges
6th- 160 Lunges

55 SSH

Pic & Vid

Thanks to H.H. Gregg for coming down range!

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