A Windless Workout

Date: 3/19 @ 0530
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 32F, if there was any wind it would be 21F. Thankfully no wind was predicted.

Q: Ditka
PAX: Packer, Cornelius, Floater, Swobbles, Meatball

Warm up:
SSH, Windmills

The Thang:
50 reps of exercises in rotating cadence. Each exercise was topped off with 10 merkins. -Donkey kicks
-Lateral leg lifts
-Hello Dolly
-Flutter kicks
-Leg lifts
-Freddy Mercurys
-Mountain Climbers
-Gas pumps
-12 burpees

Video and photo

Things to work on as a team:
-predict the weather
-understand what the buttons on the phone in camera mode do
-counting cadence in numerical order while figuring out which way is clockwise (may take some time)

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