Falcon Hill – 3/16/2021

16 MAR 2021
AO: Falcon Hill

Q(VQ!): Court Marshal

PAX: Cobra, Court Marshal, Fence Post, Meatball, Swobbles

Conditions: high 30s, just finished raining.

Ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, arm, neck rotations 10R, 10L.

Upper back stretch
Hamstring stretch standing

10 merkins IC
10 potato pickers IC
20 imperial walkers IC

The Thang Part 1:

Plyometrics- squat jump, small square hop, jumping lunge alt legs. Max effort 5/3/1

The Thang Part 2:

10 rounds of 3 burpees followed by 10 thrusters holding a cinder block.

4 for the core became 2 for the core, bent leg raise for 1 minute and back bridge for 1 minute.




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