15 Mar 2021 – Helms Deep

: 15 Mar 2021
AO: Helms Deep
Q: Cobra
PAX: Wilson, Court Marshal, Fence Post (Welcome!)

CONDITIONS: low 30’s, windy, dry

WARM-O-RAMA: these guys, bad boys, hamstring stretch, butterfly, lower back stretch

THE THANG: Wave after wave after wave

  • Wave: PAX relay each exercise starting at 1 rep and increasing by 1 after each round up to 10 reps; tacit PAX perform exercise (in parentheses) while waiting for the wave to arrive
  • Merkins (Plank)
  • Block Curls (Overhead Claps)
  • Leg Lifts (Heel Touches)
  • Block Press (Block Hold)
  • Bent Row (modified Imperial Walker w/ block)

The formula for # of reps representing the sum of incrementing counts (assuming starting at 1, incrementing by 1) is

Reps = frac{n(n+1)}{2}
where n is the max number reached (n=10 in this case). So each exercise had 45 reps.

(Cobra was so excited he forgot to say his own name!)

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