Date: 3/8/2021 @ 0530

AO: Smart Park

Q: Ditka
PAX: Swobbles, Wiggles, Doogie, Cornelius, Packer, Meatball

Warm up:
SSH, Potato Pickers, Windmills

The thing:
Six cones set up for each 2 man team to perform the exercise at each cone.

-Block Squats other man does Merkins x10. Run back to start point.
-2 block squats other man in plank and touches the block at each rep x 10. Karaoke back to start point. -Flutter kicks with block x 10. Bernie Sanders back to start point. -Chest Press x 10. Run back to start point.
-Block Swings x 10. Lunges every other cone back to start point.

5 Burpees to end the show.

Reminder about Goals for the week!

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