All is fair in blocks and hills


Ao: Falcon Hill

Q: Goldstar

Pax: Tails, Cobra, Zulu, Court Martial, FNG Brian


Pickin taters ICx20

Windmills ICx20

Imperial walkers ICx20

Jump squats x20

Tha thang:

Mosey to the blocks the. Mosey to the hill

-25 reps of 2 called out exercises at start point then Sprint up the hill, then back down. Hold a plank for the six.

Round 1) merkins + block presses

Round 2) squats + curls

Round 3) lbc’s + bent over rows

Round 4) plank shoulder taps + skull crushers

Round 5) mountain climbers + merkin block slides

Round 6) jump squats + swings

Take the blocks back, mosey back to start

Speed round of Bruce Lee’s to close out (we didn’t make it all the way through.)

Meet the FNG Brian

Naming of court martial





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