First Wiggles Wednesday of 2021

AO: Smart Park
Date: 2/24/21
Time: 5:30
Q: Wiggles
PAX: Swobbles, Floater, Armstrong, Cornelius, KiddiePool, MeatballWarm up:
Stretch OYO
SSH IC x 25
Mountain Climbers IC x 25
Run down and back of parking lotThe Workout
Round 1
25 Squats IC ( hold on down for 3 seconds)
25 Merkins IC ( hold on down for 3 seconds)
30 second block hold above head
60 second plank
Run the length of the parking lot
60 second wall sitRound 2
Same thing except held down position on squat for 5 secondsRound 3
Same thing as round 1 but had a wall sit competition at the end and KiddiePool took the victoryCOT

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