Muffin Monday

AO: Smart Park
Date: 02-01-2021
Time: 0530
Q: Armstrong
PAX: Meatball, Phunky Stuff, Cornelius, Packer, Ditka, Kiddie Pool


40 Side Straddle Hops IC

Hit the Bricks:
12 lat raises
12 more at 45 degrees
12 more out front as a 4-pack…IC

Mosey (Jog) to Kroger Hill with a brick in each hand.


Make 10 snow angels IC, then…

1.) One man SPRINTS uphill with 2 bricks then JOGS down, while other man knocks-out Brick Cleans at base.
Continue trading until 100 are reached.

BONUS: Launch into a high-speed downhill log roll! Way to go @Cornelius !

2.) Same drill with 50 Big Boy sit-ups with bricks.

3.) Each team Sprints 2 laps with bricks TOGETHER.

Mosey back to Flag with bricks in each hand.

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