To Cool For School! Meatdown @ Dehaviland 1/23/21

AO: DehavilandReport: 15 & Partly Cloudy with minimal breeze

Q: Meatball
PAX: 0600 EMR included Meatball, Flipper, Wilson, & Cornelius with weight range of 5# to 45.5# for a total milage of 2.54 in under 50 minutes.

Meatdown: To Cool For School! 0700
Principal Meatball started the school day with Warm-a-Rama OYO while waiting the tardy Senior Crockett. Shared the mission, credo, and core principles of F3. Pax will split up among the three classes to learn together and have a quiz afterwards.

PAX: Faucet, Wilson, Flipper, Ditka, Armstrong, Principal Meatball, Senior Crockett, and Physical Education Teacher Mr. Cornelius

Classwork: Principal Meatball reviews the credo, mission, and core principles with Pax while completing their January challenge exercises. Asking questions on how to better understand and incorporate these lessons for F3 and at home.

Senior Crockett had a very special guest, Big Bertha. She entertained each Pax with her dead weight pulls and flips while others completed squats. Overachiever Ditka enjoyed Burpees.

Mr. Cornelius offered Burpees by the dozen and got quality time together in fellowship with the Pax.

Each session was 10 minutes with a mosey in between.

Wilson took the Ruck route solo and we PUTS bringing the COT as we walked back to basecamp.



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