Friday Ruckday

AO: Smart Park

Date: 01-22-2021
Time: 0530
Q: Armstrong
PAX: Meatball, Phunky Stuff, Cornelius, Packer



  • 10 Lateral Lunge Steps
  • 10 Cossack Squats
  • 10 Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • 10 Flutter Kicks
    (Above are done for 5 sets on day #2 of the CHAD Challenge which some of us will be doing in Feb.)
  • 84 Meter Lunge Walk unweighted (92 Lunges x 3’ = 276’ = 84 Meters)
    (200 Meters on day #2 of CHAD Challenge. 50 Meter weighted at week #4 of CHAD Challenge)
  • 10 BURPEES!


· Divide into 2 teams: Spruck Team and Heavy Team

· Spruck Team wears Rucks and sprints to Waldruhe Park

· Heavy Team carries Rucks plus Sandbags

· Spruck Team turns around when half of the time is remaining and meets the
slower Heavy Team wherever they are.


· Pax may switch teams or continue as they were for return Ruck to Flag

Count off | NameOrama | COT | Picture

80+ BURPEES! Bonus – Stay and Knock-out your daily quota!

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