AO – Smart Park

Q – Tails

PAX – Ditka, Kiddy pool, Phunky Stuff, Bear, Packer, Meatball, McDreamy, Armstrong, Cornelius


Air temp 30 degrees. Stronger wind, bringing it down! Cloudy skies though, so at least we had a blankie.


Stretcharama – Some arm circles, bad boys, these guys, and some lower body yoga moves. Approximately 5 min.

Workout – Set timer for 10 burpees every 4 minutes. Did this a total of 10 times for a total of 100 burpees. 15 parking space wind-block-stacking-squat-sprints/bear crawls.

PAX lined up, preformed 1 squat, then marched or ran block to the end of the 15 spaces, then back to space 2, adding 1 squat every spot.

PAX switched to bear crawls to end and back to spot after spot 10.

Extreme physical prowess displayed by McDreamy – hitting the end first, and then going back for more while PUTS.

Bear finished second, and he too went back to get a second helping.

Powerful flesh anchor from MeatBall and Tails, grounding us, and strengthening us with extra reps!

All showed incredible PUTS, and great energy!

Quick namerarama


Quick TAP. Photo.

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