Ninjas, murder bunnies, crawls, throwing stuff and snow.

DATE: 1/19/2021

AO: Falcon hill

TIME: 0530-0615

Q: Cornelius

PAX: Armstrong, Bear, cobra, Ditka


Warm up: Mosey to get blocks

Round 1:

10 yards army crawl

10 yards spider man push ups

10 yards bear crawl

10 yards side lunges

Run back to the start

Repeat 4x

Round 2 :

Do 10 murder bunnies then 10 Ninja sit-ups for 40 yards only progressing with murder bunnies.

Pick up six

Run back to the beginning

Round 3:

5 under hand block throws

5 over hand block throws

5 burpees

Do this for 40 yards and run back to start





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