23 Dec 2020 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 23 Dec 2020
AO: Falcon Hill (Kettering Middle School)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Tails, Goldstar, Swobbles, Faucet, Floater, Meatball, Flipper, Packer, Ditka, Armstrong, Reverend Run, FNG Carl


WARM-O-RAMA: sun gods, Moroccan night clubs, bad boys, these guys, windmills, hamstring stretch


Listen to songs, follow instructions

  • Grey Goose – 2x block curls on “Lord Lord Lord”
  • Sally – block press on “bring Sally up”
  • Tubthumping – block sit-up, down on “get knocked down” up on “up again” (hard mode: block above the head)
  • Roxanne – hold dip position on block, dip on “Roxanne”
  • Thunderstruck – switch between holding reclined press and leg lift on every “Thunder!”
  • Grey Goose (remix) – choice of block curl or merkin
  • Sally (remix) – choice of block press or merkin




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