Fun on the Hill

AO: Smart Park
Date: 12/09/2020
Time: 0530
Q: Wiggles
PAX: Meatball, Swobbles, Ditka, Packer, ArmstrongWARMARAMA:
-Stretch OYO

  • Mosey over to hill carrying coupon

-1 block squat to shoulder press (bottom of hill)
– Run up hill carrying block
-20 block curls (top of hill)
-Continue this until you do 20 block squat to shoulder presses and 1 block curl going up and down the hill carrying your block between set
-Due to time we modified and ended with, 3 hill runs with no block, 25 block curls and 20 block squats to shoulder pressCount off, Video, Pic (edited)

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