It’s About Effort

Sometimes it means sprinting to the finish line. Sometimes it means taking a single step. Sometimes it’s planting your feet and standing your ground. And sometimes… it’s digging deep and clawing your way back to your feet when you’ve been knocked down.

DATE: 12/10/2020

AO: Falcon Hill

TIME: 0530-0615

Q: Crockett

PAX: Goldstar, Cobra, Ditka


  • Warmup stretches
  • Mosey to the blocks
  • Rifle Carry 50y
  • Block Mosey 50y
  • Rifle Carry 50y

2 rounds of…

  • Block Curls IC x20
  • Block Press IC x20
  • Block Squats OTD x20
  • Leg Lifts w/Block OTU x20
  • Block Bench Press IC x20

Finish up with…

  • Block Mosey 150y
  • Mosey 150y
  • Bat Wings IC x20
  • Cooldown stretches





One foggy eyed snek

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