Bruce to the rescue

11/22 Q

PAX: Swobbles, Armstrong, Kiddie Pool, Packer, Ditka

Q: Floater

Warmup 25 SSH IC

5 Burpees


5 Slomo Squats


5 Slomo Merkins

Bruce Lee-ish

PAX line up in line facing long side of parking lot

1st PAX runs down and back while remaining PAX does exercise

Leg Raises

Dying Cockroaches

Flutter Kicks

American Hammers

Freddie Mercury’s


Walking Lunge to first Light post hold squat for 6

10 Burpees

Bear Crawl to second light post hold plank for 6

15 Merkins

Bruce Lee -ish repeat

Walking lunge/Bear crawl repeat

Full Bruce Lee workout in circle 6


Flag (Ditka)


Picture a

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