Smart Park 9-28-20

Smart Park 9-28-20

AO – Smart Park

Q – Tails

PAX – Cobra, Swobbles, Kiddy P, Doogy, Armstrong, Meatball, DOD

Conditions. DARK! Nice and cool! Little bit of wind, but no rain as was expected!


  • Covered a few key points and moved on (Shout out to Swobbles for providing Blocks!)


  • A few light stretches in cadence


  • 60 block Squats (sets of 10 with a parking line bear crawl in between)
  • 60 mountain climbers (sets of 10 with a parking line bear crawl in between)
  • 150 foot block March with a stop to Blerkin at every parking line. Total of 16 Blerks
  • 150 foot block suicide sprint. Stacking block squats at every parking line. A total of 136 reps. There was the offer of Blerkins instead, but squats were selected universally. Swobbles “modifies” with Burpees 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Cobra ended first and went back to pick up the 6 by joining in additional pain. STRONG FINISH by the whole team with 16 block squats!

COT, Name/Count/Photo-ramas

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