Ready to Step Up?

DATE: 9/26/2020

AO: Dehavilland

Q: Italian Job

PAX: Swobbles, Rosy, Calvin, Bone Daddy, Kool Aid, Stamp, Tails, Kiddie Pool, Wilson, Faucet, Phone Home, Crockett, Jingles, Italian Job

Saturday morning brought perfect conditions for a Dehavilland beatdown. 14 of us toured the grounds. Here’s what we did…

The Thang

Mosey to Veteran’s Plaza

  • 20 SSHs (IC)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 10 Low Slow Squats (IC)
  • 5 Burpees (OYO)
  • Recite the pledge of allegiance following the lead of Jingles

Mosey to the fishing pier

  • 20 Irkins
  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Derkins
  • 20 Calf Raises

Mosey to Field 5

  • 10 Merkins at each corner (40 total)
  • 20 Shoulder Taps at each corner (80 total)
  • 30 Squats at each corner (120 total)
  • 40 SSHs at each corner (160 total)
  • 50 Little Baby Arm Circles at each corner (200 total)
  • 40 LBCs at each corner (160 total)
  • 30 Seal Jacks at each corner (120 total)
  • 20 Big Boy Situps at each corner (80 total)
  • 10 Diamond Merkins at each corner (40 total)

Circle Up in Centerfield

  • 10 Jack Webbs (IC)

Mosey back to COT


It was an honor and privilege to visit you men and discuss leadership principles and growth opportunities. Thank you Swobbles and Crockett for the invitation. Thank you Wilson for your hospitality and for opening your home for us to meet and eat Friday. I’m looking forward to checking back in and seeing the big time growth that is in store for this region in the near future.

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. With the leadership team in place, I have no doubt that the future is bright for Dayton. Just remember to keep it fun. Keep encouraging men to step up and lead. Keep taking care of the six. Keep EHing those Sad Clowns, because at one point, you were in their shoes.

I’m encouraged by the heart of this region. Don’t ever let your culture slip away from where you are now. Keep watching out for each other and lifting each other up in not only your fitness, but in your fellowship and faith. Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him. Dig in and lean heavily on each other. Lock shields to thwart the innate desire for self-service. Remember that you aren’t the center of the universe and that other people are looking for leaders. When the world steps out, you need to step up. You’re trained and ready, so do it! Be the change your community needs. Lend a hand, an ear, a heart. Do what it takes to impact this world for the better.

You men encourage me to try harder. Keep up the good work. I’m proud to call you men brothers of the Gloom.


Italian Job

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