Falcon Hill 9-15-2020

Falcon Hill – 8. 22. 20

AO – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

PAX – Anthill

Conditions were brisk and clear. Slight breeze made it chilly, but we warmed up quick.

A lonely start

Workout began with one lonely Q-PAX. I took a very light jog/test out the old golden calf around the track. After this a little Stretcharama I started into my planed exercise!

  • 100 Squats (sets of 10 with a parking line bear crawl in between)
  • 100 rep abdominal (Sets of 10 flutter kicks and rosaleta with parking line bear crawl in between)
  • Parking block mountain climbers IC 10 count (5 sets with 10 side block jumps in between)

A triumphant entry

Brother Anthill showed up, running fast at the 40 rep mark in squats. We together preformed 10 late penalty burpees. Anthill pushes hard to catch up to the 40 rep mark, and we finished the workout together.

COT, Name/Count/Photo-ramas

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