July 11, 2020 – DeHavilland

Class of 2020 Tribute II

DATE: July 11, 2020

AO: DeHavilland (Delco Park – Kettering, OH)

Q: Zebra

PAX: Wilson, Swobbles, Tails (WhistlePig, Kooter), Faucet, Bear, Calvin, Crockett

Seis Hombres met me this warm summer morning. About half way through, Calvin and Crockett joined in to make it Ocho! We moseyed over to the dock for a little COP: SSHs x 20 IC, , Pickin’ Taters x 20 IC,

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC , Zebra Butt-Kicks x 10/leg OYO.

The Thang:

This Beatdown is in honor of all 2020 graduates who’ve had their senior year turned upside down. To that end, all rep counts are 20. After the COP, the Q announced the 2020 tribute and 20 rep requirement. We counted off for some Beatdwon delegation purposes. We moseyed around the bike path and took turns calling out exercises at various checkpoints. The PAX chose different exercises including Burpees, compliments of Tails. That brought us up to the pull-up bars. Oh yeah! Here we did Q choice, you guessed it, Pull-Ups x 20 and Hanging Leg Lifts x 20. While waiting for the pull-up bar between sets various exercises were performed as selected by the PAX. Then we moseyed over to the Memorial for our last station. Here we performed One-Legged Squats x 20/leg, Incline Merkins x 20 and Decline Merkins x 20. Lastly, we moseyed back to the Shovel Flags.

COT – Delegated to Wilson

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