6-9-2020 Falcon Hill

Q – Tails
PAX – Goldstar, Cobra, Swobbles
Totals – 4

Conditions were clear and cool!

After a few light stretches we ran to the blocks (good to see them again) every HIM snatched a block and we shoulders them to the pond. We preformed 2 sets each of 20 reps of the following exercises:
Block presses
Block swings
Block squats

We ran around the pond between each set. Before each set we would preform 10 block push ups.

We had a very lively and important mumble chatter concerning events of the recent days. I likely talked too much, but it was very good to be able to process thoughts and discuss ideas in a judgement free area.

We finished up with a quick prayer and the normal photo opp.

All in all a good start to the day.

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