Birthday Bash Beatdown

Date: 6-6-2020

Time: 0700

AO: DeHavilland

Pax: Faucet (Birthday Boy), Fire Drill, Bear, Goldstar, Swobbles, Eva Murray (formerly known as Tails)

Q: Wilson TOG (The Old Guy).

A beautiful, warm and humid morning getting after it.

Warm up:

SSH IC, 67 reps (it’s Wilson’s birthday. 1 rep for each trip around the sun)

10 reps IC

  • Pickin’ taters

  • Windmills

  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang!

Wilson may be old, but he likes to have fun. So for today’s birthday boy beatdown, he set up an obstacle course. Pax waiting their turn performed individual exercises:

  • Break Dance Sit Throughs

  • Squats with 25# medicine ball

  • Burpees

  • Club Bell Big Arm Swings

  • Club Bell Round the World

  • SSH

The course: A Dave & Buster’s (D & B = Down and Back

  • Tire High Knees

  • Tire Flip

  • 70# Sandbag Carry

  • Over

  • Under

  • Balance Beam

  • Bear Crawl

  • Carioka

When getting to the end, reverse the process.

The workout was concluded with a catered breakfast by Wilson’s M (M is for Marcia) including an Egg Bake Casserole, Mixed Fruit, Cinnamon Rolls, Biscuits, OJ and of course, coffee.

Thanks to everyone for making this a memorable birthday.



06-06-2020 Pax Pic.jpg


06-06-2020 Pax Pic.jpg







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