Pre-memorial day beatdown

Pre-memorial day beatdown:
Post: dehaviland

Pax: Goldstar, Faucet, Wilson, Rosie, Swobbles, Zebra and Nader

Warmup: stretches, 25 sidestraddle hops

Run to the pavilion, 25 lbcs, 25 gas station, 20 leg lifts, 25 imperial walkers, run around the circle

The thang: 60 second burpee challenge. 1 minute to count 20 toe tappers, sprint to other side of lot, 1 burpee. Then count up burpees and count down toe tappers. (I think we made it to 17 burpees, some of us modified)

COT, and calling out friends and family that have served and have gone before us to fight for our freedoms. Happy Memorial Day!

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