April 11, 2020 – DeHavilland


DATE: April 11, 2020

AO: DeHavilland (Delco Park – Kettering, OH)

Q: Zebra

PAX: Rosey

Rosey met me at the park on this beautiful crisp early spring morning – just us and a few Pokemon players braving the chill and the ‘Rona. We moseyed over to the dock for a little COP: SSHs, Merkins, Lunges, Zebra Butt-Kicks and Slow Deep Squats.

The Thang:

We moseyed around the track taking turns calling out various exercises for various reps at checkpoints. Exercises included Jump Squats, Merkins, Burpees, V-Ups, SSHs, as well as a few others escaping my memory. When we arrived at the pull-up bars we performed Pullups x 10, Chin-ups x 10, Hanging Knee Raises x 10. From there, we moseyed over to the memorial. There we completed Triangle Merkins x 20ish, One-Legged Squats x 20/leg, Incline Merkins x 20, Decline Merkins x 20. Then we walked down the hill and sprinted up to finish the beatdown.


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