DeHavilland Back Blast: 4/18/2020

Date: 4-18-2020
Time: 0700
AO: DeHavilland
Pax: Goldstar, Zebra
Q: Wilson

Crisp but pleasant conditions. We still worked up a sweat. That’s what we do.

Warm up: 20 X


Imperial Walkers

Pickin’ Taters


Wilson’s Annual 1 Mile Mosey

The Thang:

Mark off about 40 yards for down and backs (D & B) between Tabatas (20 sec. work, 10 sec. Rest, 8 cycles)

  1. Tabata Mountain Climbers

D & B carioca

2. Tabata Step Lunge

D & B Shuffles

3. Tabata Carolina Dry Docks

D & B Bear Crawl

4. Tabata Sumo Squats

D & B Power Skips

5. Tabata Mashup
American Hammers


Freddy Mercurys
Tabata Jump Squats

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