Ao: Higgins

Q: Goldstar

Pax: Wilson, Nader, Cobra, San Diego

Our Q was up with babies so a quick decision was made for a Goldstar Q.

However, Nader was late picking up Goldstar so we ran into another dilemma. Our pax was ready for our late arrival and Wilson did a warm up:

Wilson warm up

Ssh x20

Cotton pickers x20

Imperial walkers x20

Hip movement

Neck rolls

1 lap

As we rolled into the lot, the pax was finishing up their warm up.

Goldstar warmup:

SSH IC x20 (or 30, can’t remember)

Now we were in search of a more dry area to do part one of THE THANG:

Tha Thang, Part 1, Upper body & core:

Roasted Pig:

20 Flutter Kicks per leg

10 Merkins

20 Leg Raises

10 Merkins

20 American Hammers per side

10 Merkins

20 Dying Cockroaches per side

10 Merkins

20 Freddy Mercuries per side

10 Merkins

20 LBC’s

10 Merkins

20 heel touches

10 Merkins

20 dips

10 decline Merkins

20 dips

10 incline Merkins

Hold plank for one minute

In plank position start doing shoulder taps

Shoulder taps x20 IC

Hold plank for another minute

Jog back to parking lot.

At far end of the lot, we lunge walked to the flag and back.

Then we did x10 slow squats in cadence.

Next was x40 regular squats IC

Then we did suicide sprints to the first pole, back to start then to second pole and back, then to end of lot and back.

Then we did x50 SSH in cadence

x40 more squats

And one last suicide sprint ending at the flag.





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