Homicidal Psycho Jungle Q?

AO: Dehavilland

Date: 9/28/2019

Time: 0700

Weather: Clear skies and a balmy 69 degrees

Q: Calvin (VQ)

PAX: Crockett, Phone Home, Kool Aid, Wilson, Faucet, Nader, BoneDaddy, Whisper, Carmen San Diego, Mama Mia, Elroy, Swobbles, and an FNG!

The Thang:

– 9 merkins OYO
– Mosey to the pond
-Dora of 200 squats, 100 merkins
-Mosey around the pond, down the hill, up the hill backward, and back around the pond.
– 20 merkins OYO
– 30 Morrocan Nightclubs IC
– 40 (K)alvins IC
– 9 Cottonpickers IC
– Mosey up the hill
– Go down the slide
– Playground obstacle course
– 20 pull-ups OYO
– Mosey to the flag
– 20 flosses IC

Coffeeteria at Bob Evans

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