Party of 2

Date – 8/1/2019
Time – 0530
AO – Higgins
Pax – Nader
QIC – Wilson

On Ruck days, The Thang is the warm up.

There is a distinct advantage to a rucking workout over the usual beat down: I can actually engage in Mumblechatter. In the midst of a heavy workout, the focus is on BREATHING!!

And it’s not unusual for me to talk to myself when I’m rucking alone. But, WOW!, having another HIM going stride for stride and carrying on conversation, that just elevates the experience to a whole other level.

Post ruck:

  • PVC workout
  • Front to back
  • Side to side
  • Hip hinges
  • Twisters

Bear crawls Monkey walks Deep squats Tail gate dipsDon’t worry. Nader has not taken your place. You can still come join us. Then we’ll be a party of 3. Then a party of 4. Then….



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